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DYNAMiX's technology improves real-time decison making across a broad range of industries. We develop application-specific solutions for challenges that have the following characteristics:

  • Decisions that are based on large, multi-dimensional and dynamic collections of information.

  • Where significant economic value can be realized by applying DYNAMiX's technology to address a specific industry challenge.

  • And, where these issues are common to organizations within the industry.

Ticketing. Find event tickets that are for the right time, place, quality and other multidimensional search criteria.

Travel. Find airfares, hotels, rental cars, and other complex, multidimensional services with the help of DYNAMiX."

Financial Services. DYNAMiX Intelligent Matching Engine provides the core technology for innovative and powerful financial trading platforms. Our solutions enable organizations to more effectively trade simple or complex instruments, manage internal clearing operations and rapidly integrate external market information into decision making processes. Our fixed income and security lending applications spotlight the power of DYNAMiX's solutions.

Energy Trading. As deregulation continues to affect the landscape for buyers and sellers at the wholesale and retail level, spot markets, derivative instruments, structured bilateral capacity agreements, forced capacity auctions and demand aggregation systems are the tools being used to leverage an organization's competitive position in the marketplace.

Security. "Finding terror before terror finds us." Search in real time across several databases. Find exact and near matches (fuzzy matching). Our tool provide novelty detection capability allowing you to find areas of interest. Our persistent queries allow you to know about areas of interest in real time as data becomes available.

Retail.Real time demand intelligence. Our suite of software modules helps companies dynamically respond to marketplace changes helping them to maximize profits. Backed by patented analytics developed at Carnegie Mellon University, complex algorithms work transparently to make pricing, promotion, and bundling decisions easy.

Automotive financial services. Automotive financial companies manage a tremendous inflow of vehicles coming off lease. DYNAMiX can build specific industry applications for improving visibility into asset flow and cost effectively moving vehicles to distribution channels.

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