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Enterprises immediately generate value by deploying DYNAMiX Technologies' turn-key solutions. Our solutions address real business issues that are best solved by applying Intelligent Matching technology.

Our enterprise solutions are built on the DYNAMiX Intelligent Matching Engine™ (iX), a powerful, patent-protected application component developed and refined for major operating environments. The iX system is ideally suited for addressing a wide range of business process challenges in multiple industries. Current applications utilizing the power of iX are powering such business processes as:

Trading of assets and information.

Exception processing and reconcilation to automatically recognize and correct information inconsistencies.

Analysis of real-time demand and supply.

Event management to synchronize and direct complex, real-time business processes.

Solutions are fully standards-compliant and work in all of the major web application environments.

DYNAMiX Technologies solutions illustrates how Intelligent Matching solves real-world business problems.

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