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DYNAMiX Partners with Carnegie Mellon to Win Contract For Developing Data Mining Tools to Help Increase Homeland Security.

PITTSBURGH (November 5, 2002)--DYNAMiX Technologies, a business intelligence software vendor, has partnered with computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University to win an important contract from the intelligence community. 

The contract falls under a program titled Novel Intelligence from Massive Data (NIMD) and will be used to develop software that can search in real time over several massive, dynamic, databases to assist in finding strategic surprises – unanticipated events critical to national security. Ultimately such a system could enhance an intelligence analyst’s ability to more rapidly and accurately find and evaluate strategic surprises. 

The project will enable DYNAMiX to combine its tools for searching several large databases simultaneously in real time to find complex data patterns that match complex data profiles generated from analyst hypotheses. This capability, combined with software developed in the School of Computer Science Language Technologies Institute (LTI) can interpret the data to determine its importance. The university’s Topic Detection and Tracking software can note interesting new information in a stream of documents and identify discussion of that same information in subsequent documents.

“This has the potential to be a much better way to do data mining,” said computer science professor and LTI director Jaime Carbonell, the principal investigator on the project. “We’re partnering with DYNAMiX because of their flexible and scalable matching technology that works over many types of structured data. Our software enables them to interpret what they’ve found and determine whether it’s novel and significant.” 

“We believe intelligent data matching is becoming an important new technology that will enable the creation of value from new and existing data,” said Dwight Dietrich, vice-chairman and COO of DYNAMiX. “The DYNAMiX software is unique in its ability to scale up and process large numbers of data records. Traditionally” he said, “data mining works in a batch process – especially for large data sets. The DYNAMiX solution analyzes continuous complex data streams handling data records with dozens of attributes.” 

The NIMD contract is just one of several initiatives that DYNAMiX is pursuing with Carnegie Mellon researchers,” said Dwight Dietruchg vice-chairman and COO of DYNAMiX “Our goal for 2003 is to have several new APiX commercial deployments and to accelerate the deployment of data matching technology for homeland security.” 

DYNAMiX Technologies is a three-year-old firm based in Pittsburgh that has developed a set of intelligent, continuously querying, real-time database technologies that match and analyze structured information. The resulting information allows organizations to streamline and scale existing applications and create novel new applications suited to complex, real-time environments. The DYNAMiX enterprise solutions are built on the DYNAMiX Intelligent Matching Engine (iX), a powerful, patent-protected system developed and refined for major operating environments. The iX system is currently ideally suited for homeland security data matching and AP/AR exception processing. Business News.


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